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Cost ??? TJ Rating = 92

I am finally getting around to posting TNs on this. I had this at the VC Rocks at Equinox DC Offline.

This was the second to the last wine of the night. I think we were all felling pretty good. But still, this sucker woke me up and wowed me. A really nice golden yellow color. It dripped an unctious bouquet of honeyed apples and peaches. It was thicker than I expected and coated your mouth well when consuming. My senses were flooded with everything that I smelled plus faint bits of orange and something else I can't find the word for. A really wonderful finish. -- Mm-Mm-good
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TJ - I've had several of these over the last year or two and I immediatly realised I was onto something special - a young Sauterenes that was already there in all respects - lucious and incredibly rich - with nice multi dimensional honey and apricot flavors...great finish. Its wowed pretty much everyone I've served it too...unfortunatly I think I only have a 1/2 bottle left - such a shame. This is certainly a favorite Sauterenes of mine...I think I paid around $40 for the 750ml bottle...
Thomas - Never buy Port, Sauterenes or any sweet wine from Total Wine - they are gougers...(particularly if its rated 90+ by pretty much anyone...). I think I got mine from Premier Cru (but it cold have been from someone else...and I did not buy it all at once - but on different occasions...all probably 2+ years ago...unfortunatly I haven't been able to keep my hands off the stuff!

Another fairly young Suaternes that is drinking nearly as well - and can be found cheaper is the '96 La Tour Blanch. Its not quite as dense, not quite as nuanced flavor wise...but its perhaps close...I found some more 375s recently at less then $20 bottle. I may have paid $45 for the was certainly around that..and I have seen it for $65 or so at Total Wine (f'in rip offs!)

...only 5 more days before I crack that Buller Tokat! Can't wait!
1998 Chateau Rieussec Sauternes -- (375 ml) medium gold colour; apricot/peach, honey nose, hints of roasted nuts, similar flavours follow, with clove, créme caramel notes, rich texture; long finish. Absolutely delicious! About 92-94 pts. Colour indicates youth, but palate is very open. Exceeds expectations from this vintage.

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