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Eek Very expensive store - good Italian selection though.

Best deals to me are some of the reserva's in 93 and 95.

The regular Brunello's 97-99 are way too high though. Best 99 I've had is the La Poderina. They're at $72 - I pay $56. price should not be above $60 - $65 tops.

Wait till you get to Philly and hit some shops. You'll find something.

I agree that the prices are a tad high, even with 10% off. I have to remind myself that you guys have to pay tax on alcohol, and that adds to the sticker price. Up here all the taxes are factored into the sticker price, so there's no need to worry about that.

There is a lot of selection at that place, however.


If you open a '98 at CHIC, that would be great! Just hope I'll be at the same table so I can get a taste!
futronic & Hunter,

No argument on pricing. These are their regular prices though, and sale prices run 10-20% less at least. Given the staff, provenance etc. they are worth a bit more than your "run of the mill store." Our cost of living down here is also kinda high. I guess we just get used to it. Our cabdrivers make $100K, though... Razz

James, thanks for the reply. The last time I had the 1995 was in early March of this year at the Philly BdM Offline. I thought it was wonderful. Hopefully you just had an off bottle because I still have one left, and it would be a huge disappointment if it didn't drink close to my notes above.

Hey, we're trying to get a 1997 BdM Offline together here. Would you be in the NYC/Philly area anytime in the next few months? We'd love to have you if you'd be interested in attending.
Nice, dark ruby color with very little watering at the edge. Mild aromas of currant/cherry and spice, with a wonderful rose petal note after additional aeration. The palate started out on the cranberry end of the spectrum and opened up later to dark cherry, with spice and a touch of mineral, as well as mild tannins, on the finish. A lovely, refined wine, which actually seemed to gain in flavor intensity with a triple-cream cheese and prusciutto. It even paired nicely with sliced gala apples. Ca. 92-3 IMO. Drink now or continue to hold a few years.
  • 1998 E. Fuligni (Cottimelli) Brunello di Montalcino - Italy, Tuscany, Montalcino, Brunello di Montalcino (3/17/2007)
    Not decanted. Poured down into shoulder and allowed to breathe for 1.5 hours. Medium-dark ruby colour. Aromas of dried cherry, dried flowers, caramel, and sottobosco. Medium-bodied, lovely acidity, resolved tannins, showing dried cherry, dried currant, and sottobosco notes. Moderate finish, ~25s, with red fruit and earth. Not quite as nice as previous bottles. Drink now.(88 pts.)

  • 1998 E. Fuligni (Cottimelli) Brunello di Montalcino - Italy, Tuscany, Montalcino, Brunello di Montalcino (5/19/2007)
    Popped and poured. Medium ruby colour with some bricking at the rim. Pretty aromas of sottobosco, dried flowers, spice, cherry, and currant. Medium-bodied, with a silky texture. Sottobosco, dried cherry, dried flowers, and leather notes on the palate. Moderate finish, ~30s, with orange rind, currant, cherry, sottobosco, and leather. Really elegant and refined, as to be expected from Fuligni. My last bottle, and it showed exactly as expected - beautifully! Drink now. (90 pts.)

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Thanks for treating us to a nice collection of TNs !

I had this one still in my notebook:

  • 1998 E. Fuligni (Cottimelli) Brunello di Montalcino - Italy, Tuscany, Montalcino, Brunello di Montalcino (5/3/2007)
    Dark ruby color with some ambering at the rim. Ripe tones of black fruit, cedar and tobacco. Medium bodied with smooth but chewy tanines and a long finish. Quite rustic. Very balanced right now. Drink now (and don't wait too long...)
    Drank this one during my montalcino trip in May. (91 pts.)
This was my last bottle of the '98, which I had previously enjoyed a great deal... not this one. It lasted maybe 30 minutes in the glass with a pleasant cherryish note, but also a notable adicic spine that was not fleshed out by the fruit. Frown This bottle was purchased for a song from winebid, so the provenence is suspect, but if it is at all representative of its brothers, I would recommend drinking very soon. No score.

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