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Here's a wine that had all the attributes you might expect from a Pomerol but just failed to turn my crank.

Completely opaque garnet colour. Decent aroma of dark fruits. Feels lush on entry with flavours of black cherries, blackberry and a little touch of coffee bean and leather - but it thins out on the finish and leaves you wanting a better aftertaste. 84-5 points.
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1st In Europe the 1998’s sell for about € 20,00 nowadays.

2nd This wine is not ready yet. It needs time. It has al the ingredients to grow to full mature Pomerol of some class. It is not one of the Pomerol superstars but it is a far more than average Pomerol of consistent quality and some excitement. I would score this wine around 90 (but scores don't mean a thing to me)

Question: Why on earth are you drinking 1998 Mazeyres already in 2004??? Are you inpatient or what? Since 1996 this chateau made big improvement and 1998 is imho the best year until now. Just wait!

Drinking window imhop 2007-2012+

The €20 price you mentioned is just a little higher than what I paid for it. But for $45Cdn (~29€), I can find many other more age-worthy wines to buy.

Secondly, you asked why I drank it "so early". I have a lot of wines filling my wine cellar that will not be ready to drink for a couple of years. And then I also have a stack of cases that are piled up waiting for room to get into my wine cellar. So, I have to prioritise what stays in line.

Frankly, I don't think the Mazeyres merits a place in line. As I said, it seems to have many of the attributes I expect to find in a Pomerol, but I found the finish quite thin and the aftertaste disappointing. I don't think aging it further will change these faults. By contrast, I have a number of bottles of 2000 Ch Montviel which I do merit keeping.

Since you say that Mazeyres have made big improvements since 1996, have reviewers reflected this in later vintages post 1998?
PS Nicollo,

I drank the Mazeyres over a 2-day period, and indeed, it was better on the second day which supports your point about this wine benefitting from more bottle age.

It doesn't make me want to buy any more of it (I wrote the TN after day 2), but you should keep yours for another couple of years before opening.

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