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Had this with Thanksgiving turkey.
Very yeasty on the nose. Nice golden color. Lots and lots of tiny bubbles, more than most champagnes I've had. A nice, creamy bisquit flavor on the palate, followed by some green apple and a barely a hint of spice.
I don't think I'd pay $50 for it though (I got it for a considerable discount), nor would I give it 95 points. More like 89 points, imo.
Nice, but not great.
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Originally posted by gigabit:
I had a glass, or two, of this last night and I would say that it has improved from the TN above. It still possesses many of the same characteristics, but I found it to be very balanced throughout, with a very good finish. It seems to be in its sweet spot right now.

I opened another bottle last weekend in Phoenix with friends, tasted from bordeax glasses, and it seemed more aligned with gigabit's opinion. It was loosely paired with bacon-wrapped scallops done over the bbq grill. I would have given that last bottle a 93. I wonder if there's some bottle variation or maybe the larger glasses? Odd that it's from the same batch. If they've just hit their sweet spot now, I think the last two will bite it during Thanksgiving. Wink

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