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Purchased for $32 from Wine Library during my 1997 California Cabernet binge.

I think I drank this way too early (in fact I know I did). The color's good, though nowhere near as concentrated as my 1998 Partal from Saturday night.

The wine doesn't have much of a bouquet - rather flat and unexciting.

Not sure if this stuff is worth $32 - perhaps it is in a shut down period, but it's not giving up much but oak and a tad o' blackberry-like flavors. Serious drying tannins invade the tongue and mask most fruit.

This may turn into a beautiful wine in 3+ years, but I'm too impatient.

Right now it's drinking like an 83 point wine. If you have some in your cellar - give it some time but don't expect a miracle when you open it as the fruit may not win the battle...

Edit - Apologies to Winetex - I missed your thread from June.

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