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Tried this wine again for the 3rd time. The first two times, I was perplexed because the wine was thin, closed and had nothing going for it. I just could not understand the low 90's rating.

Last night, the wine opened up a little more, but it had a grapey zin-like nose and flavor. Still very simple and not very attractive.

Of the 30 cases of 97 California Cabs that I bought based on the WS California issue that focused on the 97's, IMO 1/3 were rated correctly, 1/3 were rated high and 1/3 were rated way too high. When a 97 BV Tapestry (a good wine that I like) is rated within 1 point of a 97 Screaming Eagle (which is in a different class), I guess I should have taken the rest of the advice with a grain of salt.

Although I am a big supporter of WS, the erratic ratings of California cabs is not representative of the high quality of the rest of the magazine.
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LCC and KOH, I have had the 94 and 96 and I thought they were very good wines. Since I'm the one who is always saying that we drink our wines too young, I should be more patient. The wine improved a lot last night (2nd day). It is still not what anywhere near the 94 or 96 bottles or what it was rated.

I guess the main concern I have is I believe JL tends to overrate wines that show well early. When he rates a wine pretty high and it does not show well early, I get concerned. I guess if I assume that he rated it the same way he did the Schweiger

Maybe the 97 will improve and reach the level of the 94 or 96. I guess only time will tell.

DrT, don't remind me of the Lokoya. I only bought one bottle and I paid a premium for it. I also bought 3 cases of the BV GDL at $69.95 a bottle. I was assuming that these fell into the "slightly overrated" category.

I got really sucked in when I saw the nice glossy cover for that Big CA issue with the bottles of the great wines. I even took the next day off and drove to Napa (before the wineries were open) and filled up my car. What a mistake.

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