This often referred to as their "Gold Label" Vintage Reserve.

Needed to breathe ~ 30 minutes to open up. Multiple streams of fine bead. Aromas of cream, Granny Smith apple, citrus, walnuts, and bread dough. Delicious mouthfeel. Medium-bodied with Granny Smith apple, citrus, nuts, and creaminess as it opens. Long, long finish that lasts over a minute with nuts and Granny Smith replays. Still very, very youthful, showing its primary flavours. Cellar 5+ years to get the most out of this wine. 91 points (12/24/2003).
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Thx for the TNs, Futronic. I want to start getting into Champagne. We had the Piper Heidseick Christmas Eve--it was nice enough--but I suspect Champagne is an acquired taste for many of us. I have been thinking about the Veuve, as my boss raves about it, and I've heard it's a richer style than many others. I have seen this here for as low as $43US.

I haven't had the '95, so I can't compare between the two vintages. The '96 however, was delicous. I highly recommend picking some up when you see it in BC, but keep in mind it needs to sleep.


The Veuve is delicious, and definitely a richer wine. I would consider it more of a food wine, compared to stuff like Piper and Moet NV that is more of an aperitif.
Did you know that December 17th marked the 226th anniversary of Madame Cliquot, (Barbe-Nicole Ponsardin)?

From the pictures I've seen of the Widow Cliquot, she looked rather Victorian, but there was certainly nothing stuffy about her interest in the 'bubbly.'

Bon Anniversaire, Madame et Vive Le Champagne! Smile

I don't see this celebrating its 40th birthday with grace, but it was wonderful recently.  Starts with  pleasant aged mustiness along with some citrus, stone fruit, and burnt sugar. Flavors are delicious with some citrus, nuttiness, and a nice oxidative edge. Plenty of fizziness still in the bottle.

Nice. I think I had some back when this thread originally started.

That got me to thinking; I haven't seen any vintage VC lately, other than the Grande Dame. Do they still make it? I vaguely recall reading years ago that those batches were re-purposed for the Grande Dame?

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