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Damn, RUINED it. WASTED it. SCREWED UP. Hate myself for it. Had 1 bottle. Thought that it would be ready to go now. Why I thought that, I do Not know. Paid good $$$ for it. But, it is Not the $$$. Hate to waste a good---great bottle of Wine.

Decanted for about 45 minutes. NOT NEARLY ENOUGH. Never open. I held it in a glass for another 30 minutes. Never opened.

The potential for this Wine is Great. WOW. Chocolate, Great Aroma. Fruit just explodes. BUT...

Now, I rate it a 93. But, like I said, the potential is higher.
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Drank it already LCC, must've been 2 years ago already. I made the mistake of having it during a wild weekend in Seattle that also included a Dominus '95, and a Sterling Reserve '95 - the Sterling was the best of the lot - so it set the bar higher.
We found the Newton a bit one dimentional, but still a good wine - 90 pnts.

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