At first we sensed an earthy musty nose to this wine, but after about 15 mins., that cleared up into aromas of plum, dark fruits, tar, and hints of mint. There was a little heat in this one as well, but there was alot of dark fruit on the palate with a very complex and long finish. It was drinking well now, but could stand to lay down for another 3-4 years. It definitely showed better with food, but was something that you could sip (for instance while watching a ballgame, provided you could find a suitable game Roll Eyes) It drank more like a cab than the typical petite syrah which I associate with more a tight, gritty palate. I'd give it 94 points. Big Grin
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Ive had this wine 3 times in the last 3 years. Very nice wine. I agree that it needs at least 3 more years in the bottle. I have 3 left so I will probably try another this year & see what happens.

Will work for wine
Opened this tonight and enjoyed it very much. I found it very dark and rich. A lovely nose of blue and blackberries, mocha and vanilla spice. Concentrated palate of wild berries, plums, chocolate flavors and sage. Still full of gnarly tannins, I wish I had read this note earlier and waited a couple years prior to opening my one and only bottle. This wine is still very youthful and showed no signs of fading.

While I am far from an expert in petite syrah, from my experience, this was very typical and representative of the best of what petite syrah as to offer. 91+ pts... if the tannins integrate a bit more this wine has very high potential.

Actually, I've never had a petite syrah that didn't taste like a tannin monster... does one exist? Confused
Yes there is! - the Hebrew, tanin or tannin, which refers to a whale or sea monster. The tanin monster!

Gotta love google.

You did mean tanin monster, didn't you? Big Grin

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I opened my '93 during the summer and I tried the '00 over this past weekend. Is it me or do they have a pretty good success rate with that grape?

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correct me if I am wrong but isn't the 2000 the last vintage of this wine? I thought I remembered hearing that they ripped the vines out.

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