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I received this as a gift from a client but frankly, I don't like red wine and even if I did, I'm not enough of a connoisseur to appreciate this bottle. I have absolutely no idea how to go about selling a bottle of wine and a friend suggested this board to me. If you are interested, know anyone who might be, or have any suggestions I'd really apprecaite it!
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Well, assuming that you are for real, Madison, you are not going to have an easy time unloading that bottle, as 95 Petrus sells from $700 to over $1000 a bottle. There are not too many buyers who will shell out that kind of money for a single bottle of wine.

But, if you want to try, there are a few wine auction sites around, like or, that would take it.

Or, you could donate the wine to a charity for an auction, and take a nice deduction for it.

The skepticism you are meeting with has to do with somes scams that have been pulled here on wine sales. I don't know if you are on the level or not, but I must admit I would be very reluctant sending a large check to someone I don't know who shows up out of the blue with a bottle of Petrus.

What part of the country are you in? Let's start with that. I might buy it if I could pick it up in person.

Yes, but I came here for an argument.

Oh! Oh! I'm sorry, this is abuse.
Well I do actually have this bottle and am aware of its value. If anyone is seriously interested, I'd be happy to show you the bottle via my web cam. Like I said, I'm not a wine person so would never have any reason to post on this board had this bottle not been given to me.

If someone in a position of authority on this board would like to get in touch with me, I'd be happy to do what I can to prove that I'm for real.

I'm in the Pacific Northwest. Will probably be in Phoenix next month for a few days.

Do you think I could go into a loacal wine merchant (if thats even what you call them), have them inspect the bottle and then have them act as a reference or something?

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Since your not a wine guy and you say your for real, how much do you want for the bottle? you received it as a gift and cannot guarantee where it has been or how it was stored. Because of that money comes off the price as only pristine bottles attract top prices. I'll take a chance and offer you 300.00. if you accept i'm sure i can seek the assistance of a regular member to act as my agent in inspecting the wine and exchanging the wine for money.Of course i will reserve the right to withdraw my offer if you do not accept within in a reasonable time or you are unable or unwilling to permit someone i appoint to inspect the wine and exchange wine for money. Also, in the event no one on the boards is able to exchange wine for money my offer is withdrawn.
Thanks for your offer drth but I'm not that desperate to sell it.

As far as how its been stored, the person who gave it to me had a whole case which was stored in is wine celler. I haven't actually seen his wine celler but if his jet is any indication, I'm sure its quite nice.

For the past two weeks since I got it, it has been living in the storage space under my stairs in the container he sent it in. I was advised to keep it in the dark, undisturbed at about 55 degrees and under the stairs fit the bill.
Quite honestly, I would sell it on Wine Commune. You'll probably get a better price, its simple to sign up and I doubt you'll get the same harassment you'll get from the people on this board. Not that they don't have their reasons for being skeptical. You're just not likely to get a taker on this Board with the level of information you have to offer.

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