Recently I had a chance to pick up my parents birth year Barolo and my own birth year Nebbiolo. I got them from a private collector in Italy so the price was just right... and why not? everyone needs atleast 1 birth year wine in their life.

I was wondering if someone could please tell me how the 1955 and 1987 Vitnages were?
Also, how is the 1955 BAROLO COSSETTI holding up?

thanks very much for any information, it is greatly appricated
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I am no expert, but I am a big fan of Nebbiolo. From my searches on the net, 1987 was not a good year in Piedmonte. The vintage scored an 83 on a 100 point scale where 1997 scored a 99 and 2000 scored 100. Of recent vintages Piedmonte has had tremendous success with the exception of 2002 which was a washout. On the rating I quoted above it scored an 82. Many wines were not even released in 2002 it was so bad. So with 1987 scoring 83 on that scale I would not be optimistic.

I have no knowledge of the 1955 to help you with.

I am currently purchasing 2001 and 2004 Nebbiolo as they were very good years that should cellar well for 20 - 30 years.

Thanks for the info, I was having no luck searching.

I know the last decade or so has been great for peidmont but I had had allot of trouble looking up older vintage so thanks.

I am also a big fan of Nebiolo based wines, they are some of my fav.

So which wines did you get from 01 and 04?

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