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Hello everyone,

I am fairly new to this site and wine collecting. I recently bought a few lots at the fine wine auction in Toronto. I love the 1995 Banfi Brunnello Poggio All'Oro, I purchased one lot that included 5 bottles of 1995 and 1 bottle of 1994. My question is; I cannot find any information on any site including Banfi that mention a 1994 Poggio All'Oro Brunello from Banfi, does this mean that I may have purchased a lot in the Auction that was not properly described ? does anyone know of a 1994 Poggio All'Oro ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated !

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It's either a typo or a mistake. I'd call them and dicuss the matter. If you're not comfortable with the results of the conversation, it appears that you have a legitimate reason to back out of the purchase.

I have no personal experience with Ritchie's but do know that they occasionally partner with Sotheby's which is an indication that they're on the up and up.

Thanks for your help main objective was getting my hands on the '95, but I will be unimpressed if they have misprinted....Can one re-negotiate the price of the lot if there was a mistake made ? I still want to get my hands on the '95 Poggio All' is almost impossible to find...In Canada anyway...

Thanks again.
Typically the rules of engagement are available prior to the auction.

It's unlikely that they'll negotiate, but you can always try. I guess the questions is, why would you want a bottle from an inferior vintage in the first place? I wouldn't use a typo or mistake as a reason to get too worried.

As long as there is another bottle of all Oro in the lot you should be content, unless you're concerned about provenence. As I said, the misrepresentation, regardless of reason, is most likely a reason to bail out if you're worried.

What did you pay for the lot, may I ask?

PH: The lot estimate was $500-600CAD. Note that in addition to the hammer, you need to add approximately 35% to cover buyer's premium and taxes (15% premium, 12% PST alcohol tax, 6% GST tax). I say add 35%, because the 12% and 6% taxes go on top of the premium as well.

Considering that a lot of 3 bottles each of 1995 and 1997 Poggio all'Oro Riserva went for 650 the day before (estimate $600-700), I would expect that the hammer fell at the middle or to the low end of the estimate.
Good Morning All,

The catalogue lists the lot as 5 btls of 1995 and 1 bottle of 1994 Castello Banfi Brunello Poggio All'Oro. I was the succesful bidder at $ main goal was getting some 95, I had not looked into the 94 at all but figured, judging from the past few vintages that it should be up to par...I guess I am a little concerned now because if Banfi did not even make a Poggio All'Oro in 94 that makes the catalogue inaccurate, am I even getting the '95 Poggio All'Oro I am really looking for ? and why should I pay the All'Oro price for whatever that 94 may end up being ? ....

Side Note ...I was a phone bidder, and Futronic mentioned the other lot that included 3 95's and 3 97's... I was bidding on that lot and got cut off on the phone, I was dissapointed I have had both those vintages they are excellent...If you have any info on the buyer for this lot Futronic please let me know.

Thanks everyone, waiting for the call from Ritchies.....


I don't recall if the successful bidder was also on the phone or if he was in the room. Sorry about that!

It's pretty safe to assume that the '94 Poggio all'Oro isn't in that lot since it doesn't exist. I realize that there's a mistake in the catalogue, but considering the hammer price and the fact that you wanted the 95s anyway, I'd keep the lot. If it's a bottle of 94 normale, then pop and pour. Who knows - maybe you'll get lucky and the erroneous bottle is actually a '93 Poggio all'Oro Riserva!

This was my first experience with and Auction, how would I find you exactly what this 6th bottle is ? there will be six bottles..correct ? that would be a pretty bad error.. what would be your reccomendation if none of the bottles are All'Oro ? that would be completely did you fare at the Auction ? which lots were you interested in ?

Gilles - Ritchies has made errors in the catalogue and in lots in the past. From last years auction one of my lots was missing two bottles when I went to pick it up. The bottles were somehow lost. You can refuse the lot and get your money back or they reimburse the difference based on the % of value the missing item represents. In my case I felt it was a fair assessment. The question for Ritchies would be what was the % value put on the '94 All'Oro?
Good Evening Everyone !

Here is the latest! Ritchies got back to me, it was in fact a 1994 regular brunello and not a All'Oro, they have offered to reduce the price by $ 25.00, which in my opinion is a show of good faith. I am happy with this, because my main concern was getting the 1995 All'Oro.

Thank you all for your input and advice !!

Now can anyone help me get my hands on some 2000 E. Guigal Hermitage...damn !! Ontario is a tough spot to get older vintages ! arggggggg

Originally posted by PurpleHaze:
Originally posted by futronic:
I've got a bottle of the Hermitage, Gilles, but I'm not looking to sell it. Razz

Fut..... You wouldn't trade one up for a 1995 all Oro?

Congratualations on your outcome Gilles Cool

However, though tasty, having had a few '99 All'Oro's, I'd tip my hat to FUT's position. Me thinks I'd keep my E.G. Hermitage Wink
IMHO of course. PH!

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