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I had this last week I think with dinner.

I must not be ready for Spanish wines, or maybe I was unsure of what to expect, who knows.

This was tasty enough on its own, but it went much better with food. Since I did not write down clear notes at the time, all I can really say about it was that I thought it was worth the experience, but not really impressive. I cannot remember when/why I bought this, but I suspect it was a throw in that Mrs TJ picked to fill out a case. She wasn't too wild about it either. The real verdict is that we only finished about half a bottle, maybe 2/3s and the rest went down the drain eventually (had ideas about drinking it the next evening but forgot about it).

TJ Rating 83/84
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TJ-Try the '96 San Vicente also if you can find it. Usually comes in a cello wrap. It's delicious. Easily a 91. I 've had a number of problems with soggy corks on my Spanish wines but I've also had bad bottles of both the Monticillo & the San Vicente-a beautiful orange color, taste like vinegar.

The San Vicente is about the same price as the Monticello
TJ, I've gone through the 94 - 99 of this wine, alwasy with good results. These Rioja's are not great, but are very palatable, and enjoyable. Have paired them with pasta, chicken, and lamb. Still have a couple 98 & 99 in the cellar.

I think that posibly the 94 was past its prime.

Maybe, try another bottle, and hope you have better results.
I'm just finishing off the last glass from my one and only bottle of this wine. I find it to be quite enjoyable, with cedar and cherries on the nose riding on an earthy background. Dominant flavor is bright cherry. Tannins are still pretty firm and the finish is nice and fairly long. I think this could have used another year or two in the bottle to smooth out a little more but not at all unpleasant right now. My score: 90p, could had been better in a year.
The last of six bottles that I purchased on release for $23/each. As usual, the cork was almost soaked through to the top.

Upon opening, there were some lovely blackberry and leather aromas, but they quickly faded out. This wine peaked about three years ago. It exhibits only faint echoes of the luscious chocolate-tinged black cherry/raspberry fruit it once possessed. Its supple texture has given way to a thinner, more acidic profile - especially on the finish. Still decent with food (in this case paella), but I'm glad I have drank up my stash. 85P


Good to know that the soggy cork issue is abundant and not a problem with my cellaring. I enjoyed this wine sometime last year and remember how pleased I was with it. I remember the meal well as it was a "day old pot roast dinner" and I have to tell you that the combination was fabulous. It has become a pairing for live for me, pot roast a rioja/crianza and good company.

I wish you a little better luck with your last bottles! Smile

A few years ago, this wine was very soft, ripe and friendly. It seems a bit more austere and acidic/tannic now. As escape suggests, it still pairs pretty well with food. (I'll have to try the pot roast combo - sounds interesting). So it's not dead yet, just getting long in the tooth.


I agree Otis-
I said last year at your CDP, (this was on the piano correct?)
to drink this up...I had a ton of this wine and I still have about 6 bottles which will be gone by the end of the year.
Hey TJ, if you happen upon this and have a chance to try it again, try it with a hearty Bolognese type pasta sauce and a nice penne type pasta, one of the few reds that actually works WITH this style of sauce!

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