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Pulled from a Transtherm Hermitage unit set at 56f, where this bottle has remained undisturbed since purchase in 6-pack format in Fall 1997. Uncorked and poured straight from bottle, consumed over a four hour period.

Ruby/purple in color, with an expressive nose of bandage, camphor, scorched earth, dried thyme, and black plum. The mid-palate shows medium body/mouthfeel, and gives way to notes of oak, slightly sweet roasted plum fruit, olive tapenade, and more bandage. Fine sanding of moderate tannins present in the 35 second finish. Serious consumption can probably begin now +5 years.

Overall, a delicious, elegant, restrained CA Cab Sauvignon, which was pretty much what I expected! 92 points. Big Grin
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Originally posted by drthvader 11:
I have had this wine many times , and have not detected a 'nose of bandage',which in my view is not a desireable quality in a wine. This wine is a big wine with layers of chocolate and excellent extract. If this trait was present and predominated i think your bottle was off.

I just read my review again, and I think I could of worded my explanation of the nose a little better than I did. There were hints of bandage/camphor in the nose, which in no way dominated, but I felt added complexity to the fruit.

I have enjoyed this wine several times as well, including two shortly after release. I have also enjoyed other CA Cabs that take on some medicinal notes in their nose with age, but I have never interpreted this as a flaw in the wine. Thanks for your input! Smile

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