1993 Masseto

I was planning on opening this tomorrow with couple friends and a nice dinner. I know this may possibly be past its peak, so my question is how long would you open this prior to dinner? Would you decant or go straight to the glasses?

Any insight would be appreciated.

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I didnt take notes since I was more focused on the company and the conversation. I should note, this was the first time I ever had a wine over 15 years old, possibly even 10 years old. It was extremely different than the fruit forward wines I typically drink. This was very minerally. The fruit that had caused me to post "it smells good" had disappeared by the time we drank it. Several of us made comments about the "pencil shaving" smell. Overall it was very good.

My wine budget is no where close to what many on here have, so most wines I have bought are consumed within a 3 year window of purchase. I am glad however that I purchased some Brunello's and Bordeaux (along with a 50 bottle wine cellar) back in the early 2000's.

Cheers to all. I am a novice on this, but wish I would have gotten more up front feedback on this, as I have no experience on what the best way to prep/serve a bottle of this age would be. Everyone at dinner was happy, so I guess we did ok. The lamb that our friends served was phenomenal by the way!

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