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Tasted 3/21/07, blind. This was a RINGER in a blind tasting with the theme of "Italy South of Tuscany".

Very tasty sour cherry, nutmeg, Pinot-like light body, good tannic grip, solid, complete red w/long, focused finish.
92 pts. Drinking very, very well now, and should continue to drink well for years to come.

Thread title edited to add that this was the Brunello Riserva! (Sorry!)
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As I noted above, it was a RINGER.

The guy who brought it said he doesn't care that much about Italian wines, and found it easier to plunk down $90 for this wine than check a map to find out what regions were south of Tuscany.

It wound up being my favorite wine out of the 10 that were in the blind line-up. Roll Eyes

One other geographically-challenged individual brought a Vietti Barbera d'Asti. The rest of the wines were all from either Campania, Calabria or Sicily.

My own contribution was an '04 Lento Lamezia "Dragone", a Calabrian wine. I found it so nondescript and humdrum, it wasn't even worth posting about.

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