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Stumbled across this in a Quebec liquor store and was quite pleased as I'd heard good things about it here. Have to say though that I was a bit disappointed. Nothing wrong with it, but it was not as full and yummy as I'd hoped. I think I paid about CAD$28, so it was also a little more expensive than some LBVs I've had that I liked better. I'd provide better TNs but I'm way behind on them and cannot remember exactly what I tasted. Sorry....
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There is certainly some debate on this, but most of what I've read, and my own experience, is that LBVs don't really improve with age. No doubt there are exceptions, but they are made to be drunk when sold. Some porthouses hold some back so they can age at the winery, but I don't think there are many that need to sit once you ahve bought them. The oldest LBV I've tasted was an 82 tasted in 2001, and I got no sense that the age did it any good or harm.

Now, I WILL say that some LBVs I've tasted have been at their best the moment they are first poured, then less so the next day or two (with the cork in the bottle after opening), but then are better again a couple of days ofter opening. But that's probably just me.......
Any LBV that has been filtered/fined at bottling will not likely improve any with age. Most of them are that. "Traditional" LBV are not, & may improve with age. Not all labels clearly say, but at least the back label should say whether it is "bottled ready to drink & does not require decanting", or "will throw a sediment and requires decanting", or some such thing. Used to be that most "Traditional" LBV were held a few years to age, then released when ready to drink. I think due to market changes, more are being released earlier, but so far Warre's & Smith W. are still aged.
I haven't been impressed with '94 Taylor LBV, nor were most folks on the old forum format when it was released. For some reason, I liked the Fonseca better. Neither is Traditional, so should not improve with age.
I loved '96 Noval LBV (Traditional) early this year, & someone else commented on the '94 being good, but I haven't seen it.
Someone else has mentioned '94 Warre's LBV, but I don't think it has been released yet. I'm waiting...
Opened one of these up last night and I can't think of anything bad to say about it. As the normal LBVs in the KillerB household have been Taylor's and Graham's it's good to get a different one. Tried Noval recently as well and it was OK. This was much better. Nice, deep colour and legs. Nose was difficult as I'm blocked atm. In the mouth it was full of cherries, raisins and roasted nuts - nice.

As I can get this at £9.59 or even less then I will stock up a few for future use, especially as it will age. This is now the KillerB house port. Should be a good winter.

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