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I had one bottle of this and I just opened it tonight (10/16/02). I am a big fan of the Beringer PR and this dis not disappoint. Intense black cherry, currant and sweet oak flavors. I bought this bottle online and I must admit that I liked the '91 slightly better. This is a great wine though. As with all the BPR it gets better with time in the glass. Had it with a filet, garlic mash pot. and sugar snap peas. Still has the flavors and tannins of a young wine. I would rate 93-95 pts. [Wink]
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After all the talk about this wine in this post and the earlier one, I had to open one.

Decanted for about 45 minutes before first sip and drank one next hour and a half. Dark ruby with a purple tint. Not overpowering on nose, but what’s there is sweet berries and some cedar. This hits the palate so soft and smooth, yet it very full and lush at the same time. Not huge, but wonderful currant, blackberries and glycerin. The finish is what really makes this wine, it’s smooth and long and just sort of melts away, but slowly. This is what I recall the best bottle I’ve had of the 87 Beringer PR cab delivering, except the 87 even more so and with more complexity. This 92 would seem to be near it’s peak and holding very well, 94 pts.

FWIW in June I had the 91, rated it the same and marked it a preferred hold.

  • 1992 Beringer Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon Private Reserve - USA, California, Napa Valley (12/29/2006)
    TWC Otisabdul Offline (Provence Delices, Toronto, Canada): Dark ruby colour. Aromas of black olive tapenade, fur/animal, blackcurrant, and coffee grinds. Medium-full bodied, with black olive tapenade, animal, blackcurrant, and anise/black licorice notes. Long finish, 45+ seconds, with dark fruit. Very elegant and very enjoyable wine. (94 pts.)

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Were you at that Party in New York in 2002, where the 1992 Beringer Private Reserve was poured from a 3 Liter? Well, last week I opened my last bottle of the 1992 Beringer PR, and it was still splendid!

The black/purple color was still vibrant but perhaps a tinge lighter, and there was an amber ring present. Still, although it is mature now, I think there is enough sweet fruits and mature tannins for this beautiful wine to go longer, especially if your bottle has been well stored.

This 750ml bottle was decanted, and a floral nose with vanilla and forest scents (perhaps mature tannins) were soft and sweet. The taste was also soft and sweet, with plentiful lush, and supple black fruits. A real pleasure and still a gorgeous wine! 95/96 Points
I still think about that 3L at the original offline in NYC....especially when I look at the empty bottle. I am planning on displaying that bottle in my new cellar. Lugging that back from NYC was a topic of conversation at the security checkpoint in NY. They all said "someone had fun this weekend". Thanks for the recent TN Latour.

Originally posted by Dr.Tannin:
I was there latour...and that was the WOTN

Board-O wouldn't remember though :-))

Yes Dr. I know you were! However, I would bet that Board-O would remember, as I'm sure Mrs. Board-O refreshed his memory on several occasions. She did a great job, and was there until the very end of the evening! He did set up a wonderful evening for all of us, and the place was perfect for such a large number of wino's. But, I can't seem to remember the name of the restaurant, The Willow?
Originally posted by Board-O:
Willow, but it closed. I opened to Imperials of 1979 Bordeaux there- Leoville Las Cases and Pichon Lalande.

Sorry to hear that they closed. When did that happen? The owner was very accommodating, and everything was just perfect; including the cuisine, the upstairs room, and the service. I think there were 40+ present, and maybe "Pinot Envy" won the distance competition, having traveled about 2500 miles???? You served the 1979 Leoville Las Cases from the Imperial that evening--a first for me.

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