1991 Taylor Quinta de Vargellas vintage port

Had this last night after a big meal of pot roast and 4 bottles of wine between effectively 6 of us, two three of whom were driving home afterwards. So what I'm trying to say is my liver had taken a beating by the time I got to this. Nonetheless, I soldiered on and killed about a third of it on my own I expect.

This port is a good example of why people like me spend much more than they can afford on the stuff. It was rich and sweet and yummy and wonderful. I'd offer more specific flavours, but see the first paragraph above.

Suffice to say that it was well worth the CAD$75 I paid for it, and I'm glad I've got 2 more bottles. They will now sit quietly in the cellar for another 5-10 years I think, for them to reach their best. Not that this wasn't a pleasure to drink now, and those of you who like young ports will like this one a lot. But for cheapos like me who hate to drink wine before it's at its best, let is sit a few more years.

I'd score this one a solid 93.

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Lady Roots tn

750ml $89cdn

Opened half and decanted over 28hrs a few days ago. 2nd half was vac sealed and opened again tonight.

Cork in excellent condition.

This was a tough glass when first opened. Great nose of blackberry and cherry, alcohol apparent, tannic but very long finish. IMO shows best bewteen 2-6hrs.

2nd half after 3hrs:
Dark ruby with a brilliant ruby rim. Blackberry and cherry on the bouquet with some milk chocolate. Silky mouthfeel. Slightly tart cherry with milk chocolate in the finish. Tannins are there. 45sec+

IMO there's lots of life left. This is excellent. I have 1 remaining and will likely buy 2 more.
This was tasted after a bunch of Tuscan wines and had been decanted and poured back into the bottle about 5 hours before drinking. Slightly translucent with alcohol, cherry, plum and spice on the nose. Medium-full bodied, tannic with cherry flavours on a medium length, hot finish. A little too cough syrupy for my liking, but this may just need some more time. 88 points.
From a half bottle.

I'd had the equivalent of most of a bottle of two wonderful wines (85 Lynch Bages and 99 deLille Chaleur) by the time we got to this last night so it might have been a fair test, but I didn't like it quite as much as I did three years ago. And it's still too young if you prefer ports at their peak maturity, though it was still yummy enough.
I can't believe I've had this wine twice this year. My memory is not holding up as well as this port. No notes this time, but I liked this bottle. Very good, but very young. I think I'll go pick up another one, but try to hold it longer than 5 months this time.
Opened a bottle two days ago and thought it might still be too young but today it seems fully mature - the clear ring around the rim of the glass is developing nicely. I'm tasting black cherry, menthol, dark chocolate and orange peel. Very light in the mouth and almost no heat. Well balanced, classic Taylor taste. Better on its own, without food, IMHO. Not sure it will develop further but as I have a couple more bottles, I see for myself.

Easy 93 points.

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