1987 Dunn Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon Howell Mountain

Enjoyed last Saturday at "Downey's," in Santa Barbara. Finally getting around to posting the TN's.

- Bottle in very good condition, with a perfect fill & minimal wear on the wax capsule.

- The "Lighter around the wax" technique worked like a champ on getting to the cork. Typical of these older Dunn's, the top half of the cork was bone dry, disintegrating upon removal. The bottom half was in check, with not too much bleeding.

- Out of the bottle, notes of dark fruit, cigar box, & anise filled the air. Even the Somm was taken a back, and complimented the aromatics.

- Decanted for approx. 45 minutes, the nose is mind boggling. Dominated by dark fruits and leather, strong notes of tobacco (thinking "Triple Maduro" here) started to creep up on the back end. I even noticed the "Chili-Mango" thing dancing around too (wink, wink Javachip Wink).

- On the palate, this wine takes you to another place. Perfect from start to finish, tannins present, but integrated in an uncommon and eloquent fashion. Layer after layer of still fresh, dark Howell Mountain fruit lead to flavors of vanilla bean & more tobacco. The wine is "as silky as...silk! (Vaynerchuk)." Even the 60+ second finish continues to pile on the layers.

* I've had this wine (3) or (4) times, and each experience is this good. I can't ask for any more in a wine. If the '97, '07, or '08 even comes close to this effort with time, it's more than worth the wait. I am seriously challenged to think of a better wine I have tasted from California. Thanks again to the Dunn family for crafting this beauty.

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Originally posted by Javachip:
Sounds like an exciting bottle of wine. After you used the chili-mango descriptor at a recent offline, I bought some chili-mango at Sprouts to see what you were talking about. Let's just say ... I don't see it becoming a frequent snack item. Razz

LOL They're an acquired taste!
1987 Dunn Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon Howell Mountain - USA, California, Napa Valley, Howell Mountain (8/15/2014)

Opened by Lostverse at Salt of the Earth in Fennville, MI on their anniversary (their anniversary vintage). Decanted for 3 hours. Solid red color with a little bricking on the rim. Velvety texture. Very lovely aged California Cab. Solid fruit with notes of blackberry, tar and a bit of coffee. Rich mouthfeel. 94-95 points


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