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This year, I've had several bottles of the 1986 Leoville Las Cases, and it still needs some time for development. You can probably give it some decanter time, but I prefer to let it age in the bottle until it is fully mature to show its best.

However, the 1986 LLC is becoming so expensive, by the time it is ready to drink (2011+ a guess), I'll probably get more pleasure out of selling it!
have them decant it for you 4 hours before dinner and be sure to let us know how it is.

Good advice if you're going to go for it. I've had it twice in the past year or two, and it doesn't start to blossom until 3-4 hours of decanting. In fact a few forumites have posted notes on it here. Do a search if you are more interested. Or check cellartracker? It's a great wine, and at this point I too will be doing what Latour67 said. I'll be holding the majority of what I have left it until it's ready.
Thank you all for your advice. I think I will follow Board-O, latour67, and DRAB and pass for now.

I do not have the relationship with the restaurant to ask for the wine to be decanted for 4 hours before I show up. The 1986 LLC is $340: not cheap by my standards but a great price nevertheless. I think I will go with something else such as the 1991 Dominus for $200 which from all notes I have come across is drinking great.

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