1986 Diamond Creek Volcanic Hill Cabernet Sauvignon

Our first real "cold" night here in Socal called for a movie & a nice bottle.

The bottle itself was in pristine condition, with a great fill. The top-half of the cork was dry, as expected. The lower-half came out with an easy pull (I should invest in an Ah-So!). There wasn't too much bleeding on the cork.

The initial bottle funk blew away after about 20 min. in the decanter. The nose is soft, but quite a bit of dark fruit accompany notes of tobacco & eucalyptus.

Medium ruby core with a bit of bricking around the rim.

The texture & mouthfeel of this wine is silkier than any wine I've had in recent memory. Tannins are definitely still present, but nicely integrated with a 30 second + finish. This is ready to go, but can easily last for 5-10 more years.

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From my limited experience with older DC's, I'd say that the "Volcanic Hill" is my favorite of the bunch. That being said, I have yet to try the "Lake Vineyard."

I'm also not sure if the recent vintages are worth the price of admission, considering the low-alcohol back vintages are available all-day at auction.

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