1983 Port: a 30 year retrospective

Here's a running list of declared houses
As there may be bottle variations feel free to post similar wines!
Most of these are in the 30-60$ range. Even the big houses are <100$
the only thing over 100$ are the noval nacional (~300$) and the niepoort (~150$)

Berry Bros
Churchill Quinta da Agua Alta
Croft Quinta da Roeda
Delaforce Quinta do Corte
Ferreira Quinta do Seixo
Gould Campbell
Kopke Quinta de São Luiz
Noval Nacional
Quarles Harris
Real Campanghia
Smith woodhouse
Taylor Fladgate
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Originally posted by Primordialsoup:
As I sit here comparing/contrasting a tawny and a ruby from my own handblown punt, I think I may have to seek out some 83's and participate. Any suggestions on where to score some of these?



but barring the noval nacional, you can do a pretty definite retrospective tasting of all the top houses for future references too.

and 30 years is kinda a nice benchmark.

heck there's stuff i haven't even heard of that i'm interested in trying myself!
Not a huge VP drinker but enjoyed a 1983 Warre's last month:

Great vintage port hitting a nice stride of maturity. Simultaneous ripe fruit combined with nice chestnut maturity alla tawny port. Lots of walnut skin and lacquered wood complexity. Awesome Vintage Port for ~$70. 92 Points.
Originally posted by aphilla:
I'm in for an '83 Cockburn.

Will need some coaching on this though as I really know nothing about VP.

- Will this need a decant for air in addition to sediment?
- Looks like blue cheese is what goes with?
- How long can I keep it after I've opened it?

surprisnlyg one i've never had and would be curious to hear acutally but certainly decant for sediment.

as with cheese since i've never had this I can only guess a lighter goat blue.

also guessing it should keep for 4-5 days
Originally posted by differentdave:
i brought a 83 quinta de Rodeda to the gentleman farmer offline last month in NYC but we did not consume (opened a sauternes instead)
we should do a 30 year retro this year, between the various boards we should get all the bottles!

it owuld certainly be a grand forum tasting!

wanan swing by when you've done drying your walls for open a bottle night?
1983 Fonseca

Popped and poured (but feels like I shoudl have given it a 3-5 hour decant, will retaste again)

Nose of condensed milk, bitter cocoa powder blended with some strawberry jam and some baking spices.

The mouthfeel follows through with the nose showing off a spirity and an apparent sweetness. The spirits lends to a spicy finish that lingers and warms you up.

88 pts.

Will have to retaste tonight after everything has meld better and the spirits blow off.
i decant for sediment before and clean out the bottle to put it back into the bottle.

then take to offline.

it's going to be spirity, if the temp outside is real cold you might want to keep it spirity =)

but if the restaurant is warm, i'd rec keeping the bottle open during the meal.

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