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i'll say this, my roommate and i have been putting off a trip to NY for the past 6 months (she lived there a few years and has family she wants to see). i can't commit to much since i recently purchased a money pit, but i'd like to make this happen....

hahah i hear you,

after i bought my money pit I give people the "if my trip to you retrns me more then XXX, I'll happily visit"
MR. reff

found a few places acutally that may be receptive of us holding this shindig.

North sq (as recommended by Mikep) is a great place - $100 all inclsuive.

Uncle jacks - 125$ all inclusive

Harry's - which comes out to 150$/person all inclusive.
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John in NYC

Board O

I am going to cap it at 12, in case the maybes want in. This should be fun.
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I'll be in a similar position to Board-O. Too many potential things have come up for me in late Q1 to firm up until later on. I will be watching with interest regardless. Should be a wonderful evening.



I fall into the same situation. If there's room, if/when I determine I can make it down. It will surely be a great evening to partake either way.
Mike, I'm very happy all around with the Italian venue on the East side that we've been to a couple of times and so would strongly recommend it. After four meals at Harry's I'd vote no and one time at Unca Jack's is only a maybe. Now that the evening is filling up I would hold fast to capping it at twelve but I would prefer fewer so everyone gets a decent pour of these 'rare' wines. People will bring plenty of other wine for this 'event of the year'.
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Let me know if ASAP if you end up doing it during the week. May be hard for me as I am in DC Monday-Thursday, but I'll do my best as I don't want to miss this... -mJ

I am flexible, so drop me a line as to your availability.

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