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Mumm Champagne

1979 Mumm Rene Lalou

750 ml

Purchased at Mumms cellars Reims France Spring of 1987

For sale at $175

Stored at home in a dark cool closet.  In original box with original bag.  Very good condition.

Prices from

Currently offered for sale range $301 to $388 on wine searcherIMG_8583IMG_8581IMG_8584IMG_8585IMG_8582IMG_8580IMG_8585IMG_8584IMG_8584IMG_8581IMG_8583

About the domain

Founded in 1827 by German wine merchants, Mumm has changed hands several times. In the 1980s, Mumm was the second most-well known Champagne brand. Since its origins, it has concentrated its efforts on export and was a pioneer in the art of adapting its various cuvées to the tastes of different markets according to the country. It is now owned by the Pernod-Ricard group and produces champagnes of consistently-good quality.

About the cuvée

Mumm has developed a prestige cuvée in honor of its illustrious leader, René Lalou, who developed the brand Mumm worldwide. The cuvée René Lalou is a vintage champagne. Perfectly balanced, the wine Rene Lalou deploys a range of complex and elegant aromas.


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