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I am trying to determine the value of a bottle of 1979 Krug Champagne.  Any suggestions on reputable ways to determine its value?





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If provenance is excellent, it's worth a grand or so from an independent seller.  Provenance is very critical here. 


What PurpleHaze means is, has it been constantly stored in a proper climate-controlled setting like a wine cooler or 55° cellar, under proper humidity since 1980 or so?

I didn’t own an formal cooler or refrigerator but I knew it had to be stored in a specific way. It’s been in a dark cool humid cold room for its entire life. I’m not too sure how I would be able to validate the quality of the champagne without opening it. I’m not a collector or connoisseur and will likely try sell it once I know how to validate the quality. Thanks for the help. 

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