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A mystery bottle given to me by Jen at the Wine Cave in Glendale.
Apparently someone had been doing some cleaning in their locker, looked at a bottle of this and noticed it was almost totally colorless. They figured the whole case was shot.
Instead of dumping the box, they gave it to Jen (Cave manager), and knowing I like weird old wines, she gave me a couple of bottles.
And I'm glad she did.
I think this is usually a mix of Cab and Tempranillo, but the '78 vintage was 100% Cabernet.
The cork came out in one solid piece, and the wine was dark ruby, and very clear.
The initial impression on the nose was really hot, and it took a few minutes for the fumes to calm down enough to pick up anything but alcohol.
When they did, it was all black currant, plum, tobacco, vanilla and leather.
Tannins were fully resolved, everything seemed balanced and delicious.
A lot of cherry, blackberry, vanilla, raspberry and a little dust.

The weird thing is, as we were drinking it, a guy came up and said he'd just seen a bottle of this
when he was helping clean out someone's wine locker in Glendale.
We poured him a glass and told him- yeah, this is the same bottleWink
He couldn't believe it.
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