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Opened for my wife Bday since this is her birth year.
Didn't want to decant, just opened the bottle for an hour and a half.
After 29 years this wine is still fresh and full of fruit. The nose is awesome with ripe cassis, hint of blackberry, green pepper and cedar. In the mouth, light bodied, you find again the black fruits (with also dark cherry) and the finish is long....30s +
Tannins are very well integrated and acidity keeps the wine fresh.
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Originally posted by wine+art:
I have always enjoyed Ducru.

I had this wine 10+- years ago and it was a little thin and fading.

Glad your bottle was showing so well.


w+a, like you, Ducru is one of my favorite and always drink well even for off vintages.
Sorry to hear the bottle you had was not that great.
Like the one you had, this one was also showing just a little thin but the finish was really great and flavors still there.
But I tend to think that in 3 or 4 years, the wine will be pretty much dead.
Even better than last bottle with much more weight and much younger. Darker core with still brickish rim. Took 30mn to open and hold very good. At first light nose with green pepper and oak then full blossomed with tons of dark fruits, cedar, sweet violet and green pepper.
Med body, slightly grainy, great balance with an awesome weight on the palate. Cassis, violet, cedar, green pepper..this is classic Bordeaux to me. Finish is long with still so much fruit mixed with cedar.
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