I would like to sell a bottle of 1978 Dom Perignon (750ML)that I acquired along with other items from my Uncle's estate. It's the only bottle and I haven't got the slightest idea what to charge for it. A "friend of a friend" had made an offer but I don't trust this person as I don't know him and he only made the offer after I mentioned that I knew nothing about it.

Can anybody offer any suggestions?

Thanks so much for your time.
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Thank you so much! My next question would be, how do you determine the condition? I have taken some pictures and have posted them on photobucket here:






I am open to offers.

Thanks again for your time!
eh, worthless pictures

shine a flash light into the neck of the bottle and a little below it.

you need pictures of the fill level and the color of the wine.

and from what it sounds like, it doesn't sound like you really care much about wine that I'd question your current storage of this wine.

I personally would not give you any more than a really low offer for this particular bottle.
The most important thing is to know where the wine has been since release and how it has been stored. If you can't answer the questions or if the answers aren't good (i.e. it has been on top of his fridge for the past decade) then the wine has little if any value at all. If the wine has been carefully stored it's probably worth $300-400. That said, the average private seller isn't in a position to ask what a retailer or a serious collector with proper storage could.

I'm interested, what did the friend of a friend offer?

Originally posted by aml:
I think the photos are fine...shows ullage at about 1/2 - 3/4 inch below the foil. I personally wouldn't touch this bottle. I've seen plenty of older DPs that still have a fill level at or a few millimeters below the foil.

oh i didn't look carefully

yer right!

I've got older champers with better fills than that.
you guys see that one with pawn stars where they had a 50s Dom P and it had like stuff floating around in it.

The seller thought he could have gotten 1k$ for it and the guy from jj buckley? basically said, you might get 10$ for teh glass that stored it.
Thank you all so much for taking the time to advise me on this. My uncle was terminally ill and dispersed his wine collection to family members while he was still alive. This was the one bottle that was given to me. There was much more but I had declined his kind offer because of my ignorance. He chose this bottle for me for its date (The year I graduated from high school). He did keep his wine in a cooler but beyond that I know nothing more.

I'm so sorry that you aren't interested, G-Man, I am a tea teetotaler and would have loved a barter with you.

I'm open to any and all offers or trades.

Thanks again to you all for your kindness.

Sorry for your loss. A little unclear what you do and don't drink. You say you're a tea teetotaller but were interested in trading for tea? If you drink alcohol, I'd chill it and pop it. Drink a toast to your uncle and save the bottle as a memento. If you don't drink alcohol, I'd keep the bottle anyway. Open it with friends or family members who drink and save the bottle. The memories will be worth more than whatever little you can sell this bottle for. 2 Cents


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