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  • 1978 Château Palmer - France, Bordeaux, Médoc, Margaux (10/18/2010)
    was paired in a flight with the 70, 75 and 79 Palmer's. Clearly the best of the flight, with a nice integration of fruit and just a touch of tannins. Completely balanced. Decent mouth feel with a medium finish, a real treat.

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mmmm 78....I love that vintage. Thanks for the note. It doesn't surprise me that this is better than the 70, 75, and 79. I think 78 had big hype and it probably wasn't very good for early drinking (not sure about that part, never had one early), but that the vintage really came around nicely in the last decade or so.

A question for you Mareff- any green or herbaceous notes? I have enjoyed many 78s. I find the common theme is a slightly herbaceous quality to them which is in balance and not displeasing, but has been present in almost every 78 I've had (numbering about a dozen of the bigger boys).
Originally posted by mareff:
we had the following that night
La Lagune, Trotanoy, Pichon Lalande, haut Brion and the Montrose. I do not recall any herbaceous notes for these, some barnyard funk, which is what you might be referring to but if there was any it blew off after some time in the glass.

We had the '78 Pichon Lalande on my wife's 31st birthday, and when opened, the nose was dreadful. All kinds of herbaceous notes, and I figured the wine was toast. But a 1/2 hour later the wine was beautiful, but only stayed there for about an hour before it started to fall off. Needless to say, our friends didn't let it fall off, and it was gone shortly after. I'll have to see if I put notes in CellarTracker. -mJ

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