1977 Chateau Lafite Rothschild

I have a bottle of 1977 Chateau Lafite Rothschild. Price $450. Please email me with additional questions or so that I can email or text pictures of the bottle's condition. I have classified ads on liquorlist.com, bottle-spot.com, and vinfolio.com. Please visit and contact me. 


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I have one of these too!   I am willing to sell it for half off- $225!  PM me.

I bought it for $20 in 2007.  It was sitting on the shelf without a price tag, and I commented to the wine manager that it's likely really horrible.  I told him I'd give him $20 for it and he took my offer!

I remember buying this at release. I think it was at Sam's Club. I knew nothing about wine, but I bought it for a friend who was heavily status conscious. I had heard Ch. Lafite Rothschild was supposed to be the best, and he didn't know any better, either. It would be another 15 years or so before I started to learn anything about wine.

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