Hello, 1968 was my birth year, for some stupid reason I feel like it would be nice to drink some birth-year wines on my 40th. Found a few 1968 wines (bordeaux), I know it was not a great year, can't even really find any tasting notes, but did see that a few people gave the 1968 Latour a non-professional rating of 92. Has anyone tried this wine before, is it likely to be past its prime? Any other 1968 suggestions (or 1972...wife's birth year). Bottles do not have to be from any particular region/grape.

I know...I should probably just spend the $$$ on a bottle that I know is good for about the same price...but still would be interesting to pop open 1 or 2 of these next October.

Thanks to anyone that might have actually come across a bottle of this.
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1968 Latour? Don't even think about it. It was never any good. Anybody who scored the 1968 Latour 92 most have written that post-guillotine. 1968 is not even drinkable. I've never tasted Boone's Farm, but I'll bet it's better than the 1968 Latour is now. Really.

Take either of the 2 suggestions above.
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How about a Beaulieu Vineyard Georges de Latour Private Reserve 1968?

My wifes is also 1968. We had this out of a 375 a couple years ago and it was really good. I have a 750 in the cellar for next year. Still holding fruit and balance. Give it a try. I would only want a 68 Bordeaux for the label.
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I could be wrong, but I think the 1967 Latour was bottled in 1969.

Good Grief Board-O, you won't even allow my poetic license! Well I agree, more than likely, the 1967 was bottled in 1969! Frown However, I still like the latour67! Smile
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It's not that bad. I drank a bottle in November 2006. I didn't make a written note but I remember it was surprisingly drinkable for a weak year in Bordeaux.

Wow! I had that wine at a tasting in 1978 and thought it was shot then.

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