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This wine deserves its own TN. Not only because it was the only dessert wine opened but because it was the best wine at the tasting in my opinion. I'd like to thank Tastewine2 for sharing it with us. TW2 tried to explain how he came by it and I think it's illegal. Anyway someone (who he refused to name) recently smuggled in 20 or so cases of Port to Chicago from London including several cases of this 1966 Port in the original unopened wood box. TW2 even brought the straw packing cushion. Here is my note:

1966 Warre Vintage Port- Heavily sedimented. Olateone poured the sediment into his glass after it was decanted and I offered him $20 to drink it. He passed. It looked like mud. This was a silky opulent wine. Full bodied with everything where it was supposed to be. Sweet jammy fruit. Delicious. I grabbed a raspberry pastry off of CWG's dessert cart and it was a stunning match. I think it would match anything. The best Port I have ever had. 95-96.

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VM - Nothing illegal about this, I would agree very great port. I would have taken your bet on the sediment.
Jeremy - I would say that enjoyment is at its peak on this wine and it will easily last the additional 10 years of cellaring. It had loads of raspberry fruit in the nose with a great esspresso streak running through the the palate, it might lose some of the fruit in the addditional years of cellaring.
i am a port fan, and this was my first port from the sixties. tw2 and i fawned over the bottle for 20 minutes between opening, pouring, smelling, swirling, etc., before even thinking to taste this beauty! lots of platitudes, endless speculation as to nectar of the gods, etc., can only begin to capture some of the reaction to this lovely. i didn't take tn on this, didn't need to, if you can get this, do, it will reward you immeasurably. my personal thanks to tw2 for bringing this treasure.

Thanks for the compliment. I knew what you meant. I didn't think it was sarcasm. This wine was so good I almost started doing the Haka (I take it your rugby team does this before each match).

By the way, I hope you are not planning on leaving the board. It seems I will have to rely on your expertise more. My main source of inside info on NZ has decided to leave Sams Wine and Spirits in Chicago and move to Melbourne. She is originally from NZ and pointed me toward some excellent NZ wines that were never reviewed.

VM, I can't see myself not making a few comments on the forum everyday. I'm particularly busy at the moment and will try to put some detailed TN's of NZ wines on the forum at sometime. High Desert Wine's NZ tour has some brilliant NZ choices (except maybe the Pleasant Valley-never enjoyed any of their wines ,but each to their own.), Clearview is outstanding, but I doubt they will ever make US shores (too smaller production). I will try and limit my TN's to those I believe you will be able to find in the US.
I'm torn. On the one hand, so many of you NOT being port fans means there is more for the rest of us. On the other hand, fewer port fans means less port imported to North America. Of course, It does ME little good in chicago, but anything crossing the pond must be for the good. [Big Grin]

Warre is generally considered a solid performer, year in and year out, and I have examples of several vintages in my little collection. None have yet matured though, but a 1977 Warre will be on the table some time in the next couple of years I think.

And by the way, some Brits spread the vintage port sludge from the night before on their toast the next morning. But then, Aussies eat Vegemite! [Eek!]

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