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I would like to sell a lovely wine. 1959 Grand Vin de Chateau Latour.  It has a Label which is a little worn.  It is clean and has a fill line reasonable for an old bottle.  A companion bottle was opened and was in excellent condition.  4 1/2 Star rated.   Guaranteed as presented.  Runs up to $4,500 retail but asking $1,300.00  Shipping included. 


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  • IMG_5759: Label
  • IMG_5795: Label & fill
  • IMG_5797: Back of bottle fill line
  • IMG_5765: Top Cap
  • IMG_5760
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Thank you for your interest.  I have checked several web sites for fine wine sellers.  I was not clear about the ratings are for the wine itself as rated by experts for quality and taste.  It is highly rated because of that and not because it is an older wine.   Check on-line for more information.   I did send pictures to a company, Epic Cellars and a couple of others to get value quotes.  Epic did not have a problem with the appearance, saying the fill line is to be expected for that old a bottle.   On Thursday, March 4, 2021, 12:14:11 PM PST, Wine Spectator <> wrote:

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Whose 4-1/2 star rating?

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Biggest concern here would be provenance. If you had proof that it was stored under perfect temperature and humidity conditions since release, then you might have something valuable. If it's been sitting in a garage, or under grandma's sink since 1963, then it's only worth what a collector would consider for a conversation piece.

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