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My grandfather died 10 years ago, and he had some old bottles of wine for many years. Recent situations have led me to consider selling some of them if they're worth a reasonable amount.

The first one I'd like to find out about is a bottle that says "Nemes Kadar" on it.

It's a Hungarian wine, and it was made in 1931 and bottled in 1933. The bottle is made of a dark colored glass. It's full and sealed. Near the 1933, it says "Budafok" on it.

Any estimates? I will gather some price quotes before selling it. It may or may not go on eBay for a 10 day auction.

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Sorry Tim, no family fortune here. I was tempted to pull the old "you have a bottle of Nemes!" trick, but nevermind. I know nothing about this wine, but I would venture a guess that it's worth $0.05 in some states, and $0.10 in others (the value of a glass bottle).

Keep the bottle for its sentimental value by which you can remember your late grandfather.

Yes, but I came here for an argument.

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