1929 Coulon CdP Domaine de Beaurenard

I'm currently in the Rhone, working my way through the '03, '04 and '05 vintages. Every now and then I get to try something old, such as this Chateauneuf-du-Pape from the Coulon family of Domaine de Beaurenard.

Haunting tea, vanilla and sanguine notes lead the way for this stunningly elegant wine, with a still vibrant minerally, almost salty spine. Long, ethereal finish of spice box, dates and dried fruits (currant, blood orange). Extremely mature but maintains great freshness. From an extremely hot year, like ‘03. I guessed ‘59, that’s how fresh it still is. Seems almost silly to rate it, but - 99 points.

Only 20 bottles left - Frederic and Daniel's father Paul hid the supply of this wine behind a brick wall during WWII.
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Thanks for the note. Looks like you are getting the hang of it.

If the Coulon family wants any more to restock, have them give me a call. I have 3 bottles which my Father-in-Law brought back from his all expense government paid vacation to France and Germany in 1944-1945.

I bought as much as I could find, about 8-12 bottles of each. The regular 03 is just in market here now, I have not seen the Boisrenard yet. I'm sure we'll open a bottle when crab season gets in full swing here in a few weeks.

On an unrelated note, did you visit Yann Chave this trip and/or have you tasted the 03's? Those have shown up in market and I've seen no notes yet, not from Tanzer who usually covers him or the Spectator.
10 cases of the '29?!?!? Wow!

Just kiddking - the '03 is killer stuff, and I rated it alongside the Clos des Papes at 97 points, for highest score yet from the '03 CdPs...it's VERY backward though, so fugedaboudit as they say in NY and leave it in the cellar for a while...

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