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I have done all the searches I can think to do, but I can't seem to find the magic 100 point scoresheet that Wine Spectator (and everyone else in the known universe) uses. I'd like to compare my own ratings against the published ratings, but ...

Anyway, if anyone knows where any format of the scoresheet might be (pdf, Word doc, text, Excel spreadsheet, whatever) I'd be ever so grateful.

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hi ted,

there really is no score sheet. in one off-the-record tasting a few years ago, some of the editors challenged each other to see if they came up with the same score whether they used a scoresheet or not. with or without a scoresheet, the scores were always within a point or two.

on the other hand there is a tasting methodology that is well-established and used regularly. you can find it at Wine Spectator School

I understand the tasting methodology, but I had no idea the editors tasted and then just came up with a number. I guess you just have to taste for 20 years and then you'll know the components of a 94 vs. a 95 point wine. Hmmm. I was hoping it was slightly more scientific than that.

Oh well. Thanks for letting me know.

Well Ted, if you want to get anal about it, I have a spreadsheet that requires you to identify 14 different components of a wine, each of which is assigned different point levels, to which you must assign a percentile ranking. Everything is then totaled up for the final score on a 100 pt system. Of course if I shared it with you I'd have to shoot you. Wink
The problem with any "scientific" method is that red wines have different parameters than white. That has been MY problem with the UC Davis 20-point scale. Points are given for "Clarity". That's fine for Champagne or Sauv. Blanc, But I don't like my reds raped by overfiltration. So a red wine could NEVER be 100 points, IMO. Or you would have to change the system for either red or white. So much for the Scientific Method.

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