'02 Merlin-Cherrier - body, more body and fruit. great, almost exotic mid-palalte. truly great wine practically for a song, about $15.00
'02 Andre Vatan Les Charmes - greener, leaner and meaner. not nearly as good. Frown

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board-o, both '01 and '02 are good. what's the scoop on '03?
it's nice to see more Sancerres on wine lists, although it became a bit of a cliche here. Sancerre seems to be the favorite word of local crowd. Roll Eyes i hear it everywhere. it's the new chardonnay. Big Grin
i always order red sancerre if i see it, and '02 pinots are much better than savignons. don't hesitate to try if you come across any.
now, '02 Muscadets, i can't get enough of these beauties. Wink cheers.

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they are unsual, to a degree, and will certainly throw you off, if you expect Pinot in full bloom.
ripeness in red grapes is something they achieve at best 2-3 times in a decade. and even though it's not Burgundy(nothing is), in ripe years they are undeniably charming, with flavors not found in any other terroirs producing Pinot. should i keep you in mind, if i come across some that are really good?
I've been excited about all the Loire whites from the '02 vintage that I've tried. The '02 Chateau de Sancerre is the best wine I've had from that property.

Jancis Robinson is high on the '03 vintage in the Loire, but has some reservations about Sancerre. You'll both find her comments interesting:

Jancis Robinson on '03 Loire

I'll be interested to try the '03 reds as well. Ripe Franc is way better than green.



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