Had this wine last night with a chocolate dessert at Green Gables (fixed menu-just took a guess)

This was my first taste of Ice Wine and I must say I was very impressed with this. Beautiful floral, peachy, orange zest, white fruits and syrupy. Sweet without being overbearing. Nice lively finish. jb Rating 91. This was really a nice treat at the end of a fine meal. My friend picked it up at our local supermarket for $45 for a 375.

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May I suggest the Sparkling Version of the Inniskillin Ice Wine? This is unique and it throws very pleasantly your taste buds for a spin. All the attributes mentioned in this posting plus xtra fine bubbles. Let's not forget the confusion about stemware. SHould I drink in champagne flutes or nice Sauterne glasses? In my opinion skip the flute, you want to pick up the nose of this hybrid. In any case, this and some fresh foie gras sauteed in butter and raisins is an awesome combination.
I too had an Inniskillin for the first time the other weekend and was really moved by how good it was. I had the 1999 Vidal Sparkling Icewine. Glad you too had a good experience.

Great suggestion. Send me a bottle. [Wink]

I drank this out of champagne flutes. I brought my own stems to the restaurant. Riedel Vinum Chards and Bordeaux. I felt like I was going on an overnight excursion with all my luggage (stem bag, wine bag and box for the white stems.) I don't own any Sauternes glasses. I don't drink that many sweeties. I thought it tasted great out of the flutes.

jb, Vidal is the coarsest of the ice wine grapes. Gewurtztraminer, Riesling, and Cabernet Franc do much better in Niagara and NY. I have tasted virtually all of the ice wines made in Niagara in the last 5 years in my repeated trips. The best ice wines of all are the Rieslings and Scheurebes of Germany. Someone mentioned Austria too a while back, but I've never had an Austrian Ice Wine.

Vidal is heavy and cloying, unidimensional, lacking the necessary acidity and crispness for true balance. It's the reason Vidal is also the cheapest of all ice wine varietals, that and the large supply from prolific vines.
Thanks for the info, Board-O. Like I said, it was my first ice wine. I loved it. As I have more, I will probably become more discriminating. The 91 pts I gave it are based mainly on the flavors I identified and the pleasure it gave me.

When I first had the Inniskillin Vidal Ice Wine, I thought it was fabulous. Then, when I tried it side by side with the Riesling, I realized how much better -- more structured, complex, intense, and balanced -- the Riesling was.
With respect to the sparkling ice wine -- I've had this, too, and it was interesting. But one of the things I like about ice wine is the incredibly unctuous texture, and I tfound that the bubbles make it difficult to really enjoy that component...
Very well-spoken, bf.

jb, I didn't mean to rain on your parade, just giving my honest opinion the way I'd expect you to do for me. I'd bring a bottle or two to the 9/28 dinner, but there'll be too many people for it to go around. Sometime, if we have a small group, I'll bring the Vineland Estates Cabernet Franc Ice Wine ($75 Cdn at the winery). It's the best non-German I've ever had, but the Germans do it best. We're meeting Corkage and Mrs. Corkage in Virginia and I'm bringing a Scheurebe Eiswein.
coming to Italy in the future???? We can arrange something with Tsunami, if you always carry with you these beauties we can try and match them [Big Grin] [Wink] [Razz] [Cool]
Board-O -- Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to try the Vineland Estates version when I was up there a few weeks ago. But I did have the Jackson-Triggs Cab Franc Icewine. It had amazing, explosive aromas of strawberries and raspberries and enough acidity to balance the jammy sweetness on the palate, so it wasn't at all cloying. I thought it was really a great wine and it retails for about the same $75CAN... Did you get a chance to try it? If so, how does it compare with the Vineland Estates?
bf, I've got pages of notes from Canada wine tastings downstairs, but Jackson-Triggs was not one of our favorites, although a young woman gave us a private tasting after discussing wine with her for a while. I didn't buy anything there.
jb: didn't you get a snort of either the Hot Ice icewine or the Ambrosia icewine on June 15? I think the Queen lost a few nosehairs just inhaling the Hot Ice, never mind tasting it! [Eek!] Does this mean that you might be making a trip thisaways to try lots of other Niagara icewines (a la Board-O)? If so, please let us know!

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Actually, Board-O put a bottle of Ambrosia on our table, but in our debilitated state, we neglected to open it. I confiscated it at the end of the night. I have not opened it yet. I will probably bring it to the next Jersey Tasting Dinner (9/28) as I promised a taste to ojeffso & Revlis. Can't wait to give it a taste.

The only ice wines I've tried are from Mission Hill. I've had their Chardonnay and Riesling Ice wines. My neighbor has a bottle of their Vidal, and I told him I've never even heard of Vidal. Is this a grape used in some German ice wines? I love drinking white dessert wines with friends who have never tried them. They are a unique treat.

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