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My first '00 Bordeaux. While certainly a cheapie, a much better first impression than our '00 Cal Cabs last week. Suckling called this wine 'austere', obviously he hasn't tasted any '99 Cal Cab.
$10.99 at Trader Joes. A densely colored, deep ruby, that borders on purple. Nice fruity nose of dark fruit, with minor earthy Bordeaux nuances. In the mouth it is just shy of full bodied, as it coats the mouth the way it coats the glass, in deep viscous red layers. Deep, ripe fruit showcases a overall nicely balanced wine with very smooth tannins. It has a rough edge or two that you occasionally notice, but grab a piece of cheese, a piece of sausage, or a chunk of tri-tip, as we did last night, and this little guy just sings. WS 80-84, me 87-88. Would definately buy again.
Side note, had the '99 d' Armhailac as well last night, first time in 6 months I think, coming along quite nicely. Not the fruit by anymeans of the Beaulieu but much more complex showing nice tobacco, cedar, and earth notes. Also finished very nicely with well integraged tannins. This was a good little buy. I don't think I'll be buying any more '99 Cal Cab, with few exceptions, complete waste of money IMHO.
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Stealthman1, I thought this was great find. For the money it is hard to beat in Bordeaux. It also comes in the wooden case, a rarity anymore. I posted TN's, though brief, here:;f=1;t=001944

Edit; thought I would add RP's review

A beautiful example of what Bordeaux can do at the lower end, but so rarely does, this blend of 70% Merlot and 30% Cabernet Sauvignon was bottled unfined and unfiltered. Made from low yields, it reveals a dark ruby/purple color, excellent fruit, sweet cassis, and a classy, nearly classified growth Character. It may last beyond 3-4 years, but given it's pedigree, it is hard to believe it will.

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