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The Feb newletter from Costco listed the following 2000 Bordeaux that various stores will be carrying. "Not all wines will be available in all locations. Wines will arrive in waves in the warehouses over the next few months."

Canon la Gaffeliere
Carruades de Lafite
Cheval Blanc
Clos Fourtet
Clos l'Eglise
Cos D'Estournel
Durfort Vivens
Haut-Bages Liberal
Haut Brion
Le Pin
Leoville Barton
Leoville Las Cases
Leoville Poyferre
Les Forts de Latour
Mouton Rothschild
Pavie Macquin
Pavillon Rouge
Pichon Baron
Quinalt L'Enclos
Smith Haut Lafitte
Smith Haut Lafitte Blanc
Vieux Chateau Certan

Somehow going down to Costco to get a $1,800 bottle of Petrus seems a little strange. Confused It will be interesting to see the pricing structure!

Forgive me for I have Zinned, and will again ...
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Originally posted by Pinot Envy:
It would be great if the locations and the available wine were posted here in the forum. Kind of our own CostCo Bordeaux tracking system, what do you think?


Agreed - great idea. Somehow I don't expect to see but a fraction of this list. I've already circled the ones I'll be on the lookout for as well as provided info sheets for a friend who consulted me on what to look for and for a range of what to pay (or pay no more than...). I am very curious BTW. i suspect Costco bought their allocation early - first tranche and likley has the ability to sell this at prices lower then what I probably purchesed for as futures. It remains to be seen I guess...(regarding prices/availability). And the day I see petrus & Ausone & Cheval Blanc etc out on display at Costco....just don't know...very hard to imagine...
I will be checking Fountain Valley, Garden Grove and El Segundo.

I took a close look at the list tonight,,,,DAMN.

There are all five 1st Growths, 3 second label of 1st Growths, 10 Second Growths, 3 Third Growths, 3 Fourth Growths, 6 Fifth Growths, Various levels of St. Emilions, etc. Talk about a wish list of fantastic Bordeaux!

If the prices are right this could completely blow my entire year's wine budget! Calling for a new budget of course!

Forgive me for I have Zinned, and will again ...
A friend of mine was at a Costco in Seattle ( I swear this is not an urban legend.) They picked up a bottle of the Mondavi Reserve Cab 1997. When they went to pay, the price rang up as $25( the non-reserve price). They ran back and bought a case of it. I can see that the people working the aisle at costco saying this can't be $1800, this must mean $180.

A Petrus with some pizza and or chili would be divine.

Don't think I will spring for the $750 for the privilage of owning a Petrus. I did find some 1982 for $75 at a little store in 1985. I had to buy one. Now look what it goes for. $75 in 1985 looked a lot more doable than $750 in 2003!

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I've had similar Costco mispricing experiences. I recently had a Mt St Michelle Cold Creek Merlot ring up as a Canoe Ridge. Should have been priced near $30 I think - rang up closer to $20. A few years ago I was purchasing some Pio Cesare Barolo (96 or 97 vintage - I have forgoten) that was marked at $38 but rang up as $46 (and I had seen it as $46 earlier). I was buying a bunch as I had thought it was a price drop and I wnated to take advantage. Well I had to run and get their price marker and show them - but they gave me my 6 or so bottles at $38! I've also had them do a double take when certain wines rung up - Grange, Pavie, Lafite, Mouton etc....and I have to assure them that the >$100 price is who knows - you might get lucky (on the Petrus)...then when it rings up you could make a scene - $1,500 for a bottle of wine - Costco must think I'm a real sucker! etc - I thought it was $150 etc etc...perhaps if one makes enough of a scene (what is Costco comming too....trying to rip off its customers - etc etc) then they might give you the price. Of course - very next thing you say - er, ah - hold the line - I'm going back for a few more bottles....LOL!
Going forward, it seems to me alerts and coordination among forum-goers will benefit all.

A special encouragement to the NOVA crowd to post what the find. I plan to check out the Arlington Costco periodically, maybe once every two weeks or so over the next few months. THOTH?

In my mind, the 2000 Bordeaux will finally test whether my Costco membership is great or a waste of my time and money.

Yes the liquor is separate. That is what it is like to live in Massachsetts. Can't even buy booze on Sunday. You have to shop in the main store, then go buy the wine so you have to do two checkouts. I asked if they were getting 2000 Bordeaux and was told no. Yet they have 99 Petrus displayed (thought it was 98) for $799 per (thought it was ($750 before). I'll have to call some other stores in the state. Would be worth the trip for some 00 Bordeaux.

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