Reply to "Your 2019 WOTY"

As in years past, this thread should be titled WsOTY.  Make a decision people!  You can't have 47 wines of the year!  

For me, and mostly due to the people/circumstances surrounding their consumption:


1991 Lopez de Heredia Gran Reserva Gran Reserva Blanco VT

Stunning, served with a roasted butternut squash soup.  Best pairing of the year.


2006 Taittinger Comptes de Champagne

Enjoyed this Champagne at least a half dozen times this year.  Always made me think that it was better than the last one I had.  Beautiful wine, and right in the zone for me.


1995 Rene Rostaing Cote Rotie, Cote Blonde

Amazingly young.  Complex, dense and delicious with grilled lamb chop lollypops.


1999 Delesvaux SdGN

Unbelievably complex and a great finishing wine for an evening of good Thai food.  Glad to have a few more!  The tartrate crystals added to the festive atmosphere.

Cheers, and Happy Holidays to all




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