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sorry to highjack but @GlennK

try the Bacon, onions and cream pizza with fennel sausage and fennel pollen finished with a light dusting of parm or pecorino.  Soft peak whipped cream as a base on pizza can be unbelievable. 

That’s not pizza dude.  That’s bacon, onion, sausage, and fennel on bread.   Pizza is something you can fold and not have to eat with a knife and fork.  😳

I'm assuming you're talking about Chicago 'pizza' which technically is more of a savory pie than pizza. 

The one I'm referring to is as pizza as pizza is going to get imo. Recipe for the toppings comes from Umbria and until you try it, don't knock it.  FYI - the cream goes on before it gets put in the oven.  I don't have pic of one of mine but attached is one from Nancy Silverton's The Mozza Cookbook. 

fork and knife for pizza 


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