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bomba503 posted:
g-man posted:

1982 Margaux was my most memorable.

But this year has seeen an incredible amount of wine being popped and i've been fortunate to share it with some of my fellow forumites.

1982 phillopponant clos les goisses was fantastic

2002 Wandouree Shiraz

2003 Mouton was absolutely stunning

1937 CVNE riserva was still showing fruit

Unfortunately, almost every italian I had this year has been terrible.

2019 has been an interesting year both personally and work wise, and i'm hoping to share some more fun moments with the rest of you guys!  Esp Dom, even if he forgets what he drinks with me!

Enjoyed the Wandouree as well. Surprised no mention of the Chave Heritage Blanc 

- The Mayor 

The 99 or was it 03? chave hermitage blanc was one of the best specimen's of great white rhones when they age properly.  It's just such a hit or miss on the btls, I'd hestitate to declare it my wine of the year, esp since the second btl we ordered was slightly oxidized.