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Reply to "Your 2019 WOTY"

Bytown Rick posted:
g-man posted:


2002 Wandouree Shiraz


Could you say a little bit about the Wendouree?  You don't see much of that around here.  Still a bit on the young side?

yea definitely.  I perosnally feel aussie shirazs never really "resolve"  they may have less tannins sure, but the flavor profile peaks and plateaus very quickly.

The wendouree had notes of eucalpytus, lovely lush red fruit mouth feel with some beautiful red berry notes that really freshen the palate.

It's like a grange of similar year, but with cleaner, more noticeable red fruit.

but wines like this, i would say would probably taste the same if we were to open another bottle 20 years later, albeit with even less tannins.