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Reply to "YEAR 1: Tasting Across America Results."

Do you think there is general apathy toward the whole idea, or should something be changed?

Since you asked, I'll answer this first. I'll also add that I'm not trying to pick a fight, I'm just bringing up some points I feel are valid. Which you are also doing.

Yes, I think there is general apathy toward the idea. For a few reasons:
1) Availability - enough said.
2) Variatel - Some people just don't care for or aren't familiar with certain types of wine. I wonder if this played a role with the King Estate?
3) California - The most participation has been for wines of a CA origin. Consistently, they receive the most participation. I wonder if there is a general lack of excitement for Old World Wines?

"Either this is an idea that most people are not interested in, in which case it should die, or it should be altered to assure broader participation."

IMO, any participation is better than no participation. Less than 50% of voters actually vote in public elections, that doesn't make the elections worthless. If people don't want to participate, then they don't have to participate.

So if everyone were to try an Aussie Chard ... then we might get alot of participation, albeit, reviewing numerous wines.

True, that would be an interesting idea and maybe we could all try that in April. Set it up JimmyV.

Finally, you're just making up numbers. As I look at the boards now, there are 123 people on here (58 registered, 65 not). That's probably 1/3 of the overall "active" participants on the board. I have 4 years of experience managing, analyzing, and monitoring internet message boards. Message Boards provide a lot of traffic to a site, but the traffic is from a small segment of people.

Nevertheless, whatever the number, it would be great for more people to participate in the monthly TAA. I think 25 is a solid number.