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Reply to "YEAR 1: Tasting Across America Results."

Yes. Thanks VM for your efforts, and those of all the other worthy hosts. I have participated as often as availability has allowed. I looked in earnest for each and every one of these, but alas, I'm in a no shipping state (for

Now for some sobering thoughts (no pun intended). If we assume that these Boards had an average of 2,500 members per month for the past year, and 13 wines were tasted, that means that there was the possibility of 32,500 people/tastes. (In other words, if all 2,500 people participated in each of the 13 wines, there would have been 32,500 notes and opinions.) Instead, by my count, there were 184. This is one-half of one percent of the possible total.
We've been at this for a year, and it is time to evolve. There are just too many active members who love wine to have a TAA wherein only 15 people play along. Either this is an idea that most people are not interested in, in which case it should die, or it should be altered to assure broader participation. I'm hoping for, and voting for the latter.

To all: Please sound off on whether you want this to continue, and if so, should rules be changed to broaden the level of participation. Or do you like things the way they are. Some changes worth considering:

* We have focused on new releases that haven't been reviewed. Great concept, but assures the lowest level of availability. Since most of us carp about WS ratings anyway, why do we care if the wine has been on the shelves for 3 months and rated? Try it anyway.

* We have all complained about wine prices. But the reality is that decent wine rarely comes in $12 bottles. It's great to find ones that do. But how many people have skipped the TAA becasue they knew going in that the wine chosen just wasn't for them? Take a look at the "What are you buying" and "What are you drinking" threads. Most of the members here are buying and drinking $20+ bottles with regularity. Will it really offend anyone if we use the TAA to look for a $27 gem?

FWIW, I'd like to throw in a couple of new twists to try to get participation up over 50 people per month. If anyone has any ideas on how to do this, please chime in.

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