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YEAR 1: Tasting Across America Results.

Well this board has completed the first year of the Tasting Across America (TAA). It began as an idea back in February 2002 and the first Board Tasting was held in March 2002. For an explanation of how the TAA works, click this link:

Explanation of TAA

It has had its ups and downs. The low point had to be Kybo's handling of the TAA in August (sorry Kybo). He picked 2 wines and could only get 4 different members to participate. However, Stemor rebounded the very next month with the largest member participation for a TAA (27 members). The best wine the members tasted was the most recent choice by GATC (the Leitz Riesling) which scored a 90.1. We have tried wines from 7 different countries and 11 different varietals.

Here are the results:

Wine: 2000 Louis Bernard Cotes du Rhone Villages
Country: France
Participants: 19
Average Score: 86.1
Average Price: $9.50
Host: Vino Me

Wine: 2000 d'Arenberg The Footbolt Shiraz
Country: Australia
Participants: 10
Average Score: 88.8
Average Price: $16.00
Host: Vino Me

Wine: 1999 Fopiano Petit Syrah
Country: USA-California
Participants: 25
Average Score: 86.4
Average Price: $16.00
Host: King of Hearts

Wine: 2000 David Bruce Pinot Noir Central Coast
Country: USA-California
Participants: 20
Average Score: 85.2
Average Price: $16.50
Host: Pinot Envy

Wine: 2001 Giesen Sauvignon Blanc
Country: New Zealand
Participants: 12
Average Score: 88.2
Average Price: $9.00
Host: Dave Mci

AUGUST (there were 2 wines this month)
1st Wine: 2000 Antinori Guado al Tasso Vermentino
Country: Italy
Participants: 4
Average Score: 89.25
Average Price: $20.00
Host: Kybo

2nd Wine: 2001 Vinum Africa Chenin Blanc
Country: South Africa
Participants: 1
Average Score: 90
Average Price: $9.50
Host: Kybo

Wine: 2001 Pine Ridge Chenin Blanc/Voigner
Country: USA-California
Participants: 27
Average Score: 87.2
Average Price: $9.75
Host: Stemor

Wine: 2000 Zaca Mesa Z Cuvee
Country: USA-California
Participants: 14
Average Score: 84.6
Average Price: $13.00
Host: JBembry

Wine: 2000 Justin Cabernet Sauvignon Paso Robles
Country: USA-California
Participants: 24
Average Score: 87
Average Price: $20.00
Host: Gigond Ass

Wine: 2000 Chateau Faugeres St. Emilion
Country: France
Participants: 9
Average Score: 90
Average Price: $38.00
Host: Revlis

Wine: 2000 King Estate Pinot Gris Reserve
Country: USA-Oregon
Participants: 8
Average Score: 87.4
Average Price: $17.00
Host: Board-O

Wine: 2001 Josef Leitz Riesling Rudesheimer Magdelenenkreuz Kabinett
Country: Germany
Participants: 12
Average Score: 90.1
Average Price: $12.25
Host: GATC

I hope everyone who participated found this entertaining and informative. Information on the current and future TAA's can be found here. The results of Year 2 are also at that link. If you haven't participated yet, there is no better time to start then now.


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