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Reply to "WS 2010 Weight Loss Thread"

New relevant news

Medical treatment to raise HDL is not successful at lowering CV events.

Still 5 years later
-Lowering LDL and keeping "fluffy" components higher than "solid" is the best treatment...and the best medical regimen involves low dose statins.
-Elevated HDL is protective but best achieved by routine highly aerobic exercise and a low calorie Mediterranean [not low carb or low protein ]diet
-Drinking more liquids and eating slowly reduces the hunger mechanism and keeps you from overeating.
-Everything your mom told you is in fact true
-No dessert before dinner
-Eat your vegetables
-Take human [small] bites
-Don't talk with your mouth full
-Calories in - calories out = weight gain
-Fad or restricted diets don't work at maintenance; 40/30/30 rule still applies
-Don't eat when stressed or bored
-Sedentary work means increasing metabolism early in the morning or evening, something our parents didn't worry about
-You are in charge of your own health...don't blame others or the health care system.