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Reply to "Wines Under $20.00"

Originally posted by ditka311:
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Darlene:
Cool Also, the Coppola Rosso.

One of my favorites as far as daily drinkers go and just good all around. Usually get this for $7-9. I am drinking a 2004 Antinori Santa Cristina, also in that price range.

If you can find them: Tintara 2002 Cabernet and 2004 or 2005 Ferrari and Carano Fume Blanc. One of the best that I like is Casa Lapastolle cabernet from Chile. Also great for a great price is Alto Las Hormigas bonarda.

Just slightly out of this range I like the Buehler cabernets (about $23) and if you can find them, their zinfandels.[/QUOTE

Cool$7 - $9...a great price for, as you say, a great 'daily' wine. Smile